Playing catch(up).

Have you noticed the decline in blog posts, not only here, but all around the blogosphere? There is so much to see in my own little world that I was regretting the time spent every morning poring over pictures that I had already seen posted elsewhere of someone else’s DIY or a rehashed (heh) recipe. And the self-promotion has me bored.


Proceeds of my 2013 garden, or as I like to call it, Squash Central.

So I spent my summer catching up on things I’ve let slide. Like my vegetable garden. We had so much squash this year it practically overtook the other veggies.

Then this happened ~



I decided to return to an old hobby that is a bit more organic than reading about give-a ways and re-purposed drop cloth draperies/sofas/car seat covers. {Don’t look too closely. I’m only a few days into my online calligraphy and lettering classes.} I also became reacquainted with another old friend. Books. In-my-hand, books. It’s been way too long.


I love a good biography, and this one becomes more curious as I continue to read.

I also finished this next one in an afternoon. If you were alive in the 70s, you couldn’t help but hear Linda Ronstadt on the radio and feel her voice cutting through all the rock and roll mayhem. I can’t even remember how many of her concerts I attended. I recommend the book but don’t expect any typical kiss-and-tell stories of life on the road with Jackson Browne, or Jerry Brown for that matter. I’m still reeling over hearing of her battle against Parkinson’s and saddened that she can no longer sing. I guess in the back of my mind I always hoped she would tour again.


So that’s pretty much what’s up with me lately. Of course I’m gearing up for the MLB playoffs. Our Detroit Tigers three-peated to win the Central Division and will once again be World Series bound if all goes well. Only eleven more wins to bring us the first Championship since 1984. Here’s hoping.

And good news! I won’t need to do any further decorating for Halloween this year!


What I did on my summer vacation.

Summer’s coming to a close here in Michigan. I got caught up in the usual summery chaos and probably should bring you up to date. First things first. The garden is going crazy again this year. Every day that I pick a basket-full like this, I laugh in the face of those deer who tried so hard to sabotage my efforts! Move along deer. There’s nothing to see here.


Next, I did a bit more fabric design. Not a lot, but still kept at it.

1-Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.31.50 PM

My sewing mojo seemed to evaporate with the change in seasons. I haven’t visited my sewing studio in at least a month. I do have a few works in process, but for some reason can’t muster the creative energy to finish.


I stood back and viewed my kitchen and decided I’m going to begin a redo as soon as I get some inspiration. Nine years is a long time for me to go without a major overhaul although I’ve replaced the ceramic tile flooring with wood, repainted once, made over the window treatment multiple times and added a beadboard backsplash. I’ll still keep the layout and the cabinets the same (butter colored) but a little zhushing is certainly in order! I’ve been studying lots of Pinterest ideas.


I made my first trip to the Oregon coast!


What a magnificent place to view the Pacific. I’d only seen it in California and this was completely different. The shore seemed to be miles away from the water and the air was freezing! I really loved it though.

IMG_0606It makes me appreciate having the Great Lakes so close by and I must make a trip to Lake Michigan soon!

Doesn’t the picture below look like carpeting? It’s sand! It’s crazy to me that the water can create such an amazing textured pattern. How do people who live at the beach ever get any work done?


And last but not least, here’s little Lucy enjoying her first Tigers baseball game with my son! They surprised us at a game and I must say I think it’s in her genes to love baseball!


We all seem to have the same affliction.


As Tigers baseball season winds down I find each game more exciting than the last. We are completely captivated by Miguel Cabrera and are certain we are viewing a player the likes of which are very rare to the game. Daily the enthusiasm and pure joy he conveys while playing America’s favorite pastime thrills us. Another MVP year? We think so! Dare we say two Triple Crowns in a row? Could be. As I tell anyone who’ll listen, we are witnessing greatness in the game of baseball in these parts. Take your kids, take your grandkids. Someday they’ll tell their grandkids about the day they saw Miguel Cabrera play!

Photo via Associated Press

Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and Go Tigers!





















































































How to get “new” carriage-style garage doors for just $20 each!

Seriously. See these garage doors below? …..yawn…… still in perfect shape though, so purchasing new would only be wise if I “accidentally” drove through them. All three of them. At the same time.


Got a power screwdriver, an hour of your precious time and an orange big box store nearby? You do? Then you too can have this! Faux carriage doors!


Of course, if the doors had windows, they’d look more authentic. But these aren’t bad at all!

The hardware comes all-inclusive in a kit for $20. I’d put up a link but I think I’ll leave the marketing up to HD. :-)

Modern Quilting Love

“Modern quilting” is a term that’s been bandied about for quite some time now. In my opinion, two distinguishing features of modern quilts are color and simplicity.

modernquiltmagRather than sticking with muddy and somewhat ho-hum color, modern quilts get right in your face with the brightest reds, the boldest yellows and grassiest greens. But then again, I’ve seen “modern” quilts that are simply black and white. So much for my definition. There’s a great group, Fresh Modern Quilts, on Flickr that features hundreds of examples.

1-Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 11.45.25 AM

I don’t claim to be an expert, and I believe the term is subjective, but as I see it we can all have our own interpretation of the genre.


What do you think of the modern movement? Is it just a new way to describe quilting in this century?


If you’re a fan of modern quilting, be sure to stop by the Modern Quilting Love forum that’s just starting up. It’s a great way to converse about modern quilting and is a little more interactive than Instagram or Pinterest, although both are great sources for examples of modern quilts. I guess I’m old school. It’s always fun to have a place to visit with questions or just to share your work, especially if you’re like me and don’t have real life quilting buddies or a local quilt shop.





Playing with matches.

Latest project. Easy, peasy to piece.


Why is it I spend so much time and effort choosing fabrics for a project only to decide maybe I don’t like them together after all? Usually after I’ve pieced the dag-gone thing!


I think it’s the red that’s throwing me. I love the coral, turquoise and lime together but maybe I should have just stopped there.



Orange isn’t my thing either.  I used to think going with a jelly roll with a preselected group of coordinates would save me from color wishy-washiness. In this case, I wish I had not gone with the jelly roll.


Do you ever do this? Get something all pieced and then …… blah. Do you have a pile of blah just like I do?


Summer, so far.

After what has seemed like forever, summer has finally arrived here in Michigan!


And with it came the monsoon season. We’ve had so much rain even the mosquitoes are shouting, “Enough, already!”


The high for today is expected to reach 74 degrees with lots of sun and clear blue skies. A perfect day in my book!


As you can see, I’ve done a bit of sewing.


And gardening.


The peonies put on quite a show.


Too bad they have such a short season.


There are no big projects planned. Just tons of relaxing and lots of Lucy-ing.


I totally appreciate summer after winter’s cold. How about you?

summer quote-01