Anything good on the menu today?

When the kids are beyond kindergarten art, yet to frame their dissertation might be considered a bit tacky, you’re left with little wall art possibilities for the mud room. Oh sure, you could hang mud wrestling “action shots” to carry out the theme. {Trust me, you DO NOT want to Google “mud wrestler” images!}

Photo via The Washington Post

Or, you could do a fancy wall grouping, like this…

Mudpie Sculpture in the Early 21st Century

Mud pies in the mud room? Too thematic. I mean come on. Nobody ever sees it. There’s absolutely no reason to hang the Renoir in the area that, on various days, can house a bag of trash, the kitty litter pan, dust bunnies, a Dean’s List letter from 2003, a sack of rocks (don’t ask), and occasionally, boots.

I’ve discovered a cheap and easy alternative to costly art.

Restaurant menus!

Most times I just ask for an old menu. Often, I’ve been rewarded with a beautiful work of art! This lovely brunch menu is from the famed {and now closed} Tavern on the Green in Central Park.

Even when you don’t actually visit a restaurant, you can find great menu artwork online!

I’ve loved Balthazar for years. Checked out their website and, voila! Le menu!

I’m sure there are thousands of possibilities out there. Check your favorite restaurant’s website and you could be rewarded with some awesome art!

I believe this may be the Pièce de résistance …

Ebay returned 4,500 results when I typed in “MENU.” Hurry up and order!

Today I’m playing with my friends at

Come join us!

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6 thoughts on “Anything good on the menu today?

  1. I used to ask for menus years ago when we went to special places….then I stopped….never thought to frame them…love the French Laundry one….and what is the black and white tile I see in the background….is that your kitchen tile??

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