My slip is showing.

You know how you have a project in your head and for various reasons you have to wait and wait until you can complete it?

You design it, redesign it, contemplate the choices, finally decide on the perfect fabric…

And then you have to wait some more?

This has been the case with my little slipcovered settee. It’s going in my breakfast room redo. I’ve been waiting for the carpenter to have an opening in his schedule to fit me in. He’s my brother-in-law so you’d think I’d get special treatment or something.

My fake huge family and the reason I don't get preferential treatment. :-)

No so. He’s good so he’s really, really busy. This is a good thing, especially in this bleak Michigan economy. Anyway, I’m still waiting but the word is he’ll be here on Monday. I know, I know. Monday of which month?

The plan is to install hardwood floors and a built-in cabinet that will make sure I never lack space to store dishes and linens ever again!

I’ve ordered a beautiful custom 8′ x 4′ farm table, which will be the centerpiece of the room.

And I wanted some additional seating that was comfy. Enter my “vintage” Pennsylvania House Chippendale settee. {Why yes, that IS a southwestern motif fabric! I said it was vintage….}

It’s been stored in the attic for years and I finally had it brought down and placed in my old breakfast room to work on the slipcover. After a marathon session yesterday, it’s finished!

You know how when you have a project in your head for so long and you finally see it, sometimes disappointment sets in?


I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and I couldn’t wait to brag a little.

I am always my worst critic but in this case, I couldn’t be more proud!

It’s just how I imagined it and best of all, no mistakes! None. Nada. It went together beautifully.

The only screw-up I made was paying too much for the fabric. {Note to self: Just because a fabric is shown in one fabric line doesn’t mean it’s exclusive to that line and hasn’t been renamed by a less costly fabric distributor and priced accordingly.} I overpaid to the tune of $125.00. I hate when that happens.

It took some VERY creative cutting to end up with just these scraps as leftovers! Out of a nine yard piece, I ended up with inches to spare and enough covered welt for a couple of pillows.

I’d like to send a shout-out to my blogging friend, Peg, who helped me with a couple of tips from a pro. Thanks Peg for encouraging me to make my slip…. and show it too!

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41 thoughts on “My slip is showing.

  1. well you know i think everything you do is fabulous but this time you’ve really outdone yourself.. Its perfectly beautiful – truly it is..
    congratulations on a job, perfectly done..


  2. Ellen!!!!!!

    IT’S ABSOLUTELY STUNNINGLY GORGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL! Girl, you not only did good, you did verrrrrry good.

    Please please please make your way to Oregon to work on my furniture :)



  4. I was attracted to your blog by how talented you are but also what professional items you produce. Again, WOW, what a great looking slip cover! Just gorgeous


  5. Love It Love It. I have a chippendale couch to redo also. Can’t wait to get started. You did an excellent job. You really got under the arm tight. Did you put a zipper in to get it that tight? Do you have welt cord running along the outside arm or not? Wow this is awesome. The fabric is traditional but the colors make it fun along with the pleating.

  6. You could slipcover a garbage can in that fabric and it would look a million dollars, it is so gorgeous, so to use it on that awesome sofa….STUNNING! And you’ve done such an amazing job of the sewing, wow, you are so clever. You have every right to be proud:o)

  7. Beautiful! It turned out sooo well. I look forward to seeing how the whole room comes together. I also love those little pleats. hmmm….I just might try that on some chairs I’m looking to slipcover!

    • Hey Paintergal! All I do is cut rectangular sections of fabric for the various sections of the piece. Example: inner arm, outer arm, inside back, outside back, deck, arm front, etc. These pieces are cut about 2″ larger in width and depth of the actual measured area. Once I get the pieces cut I lay them where they belong and if that section gets cording, I align the cording with the edges and staple the seamline. It’s important to use a fabric stapler because those staples come out really easy but yet they hold the several layers of fabric. I find this a lot easier than stabbing myself with pins or basting the pieces in place. HTH!


  8. Thanks for the info.
    I will save these directions for when I try a slipcover again.
    Might be soon! (Of course, soon is relative. I have an inkling of an idea for my club chair- but there are oodles of other projects that will come before that!)

  9. Amazing! So where did you learn how to upholster? I have a settee I would love to do but have NEVER upholstered before in my life. Love the blog and cant wait to see the hutch and farm table. Your kitchen resembles mine with the farm sink, off white cabinets and stainless appliances. I have an island that is 8 feet long with a farmtable top!

  10. AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!I luv your site and visit often, I’ve started slip covering and the stapler method is a dream come true!!!! what kind is it and where did you get it? If you dont mind my asking?? thanks…

    • Hi Shamika — Thanks for stopping by! I’ve had a lot of requests for information about my stapler method of slipcovering so I’ll do a post on it. Nothing complicated at all, just staple the fabric where you would normally pin it. I purchased mine through my wholesale drapery supplies supplier but I understand you can find them online for under $20.


  11. Jumped over from Pink and Polka Dot. LOVE (!) your settee! I agree Chestnut Sparrow.. Your slipcover looks like a professional made it. Kudos! Hope one day to share slipcovers of my own. PS Your fabric choice was SO worth the money.

  12. Love the fabric!! Is it LS Selim punch? Would you share the cheaper version of it? I have been eyeing a fabric very similar for months, but haven’t saved the dough yet!

  13. Came here through Mustard Seed and I am so glad I did! I’m definitely bookmarking it and coming back with a glass of sweet tea and a magnifying glass. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  14. That really looks great! I read here and there as I peruse/scroll and thought “what is she talking about” when a project doesn’t go as planned? After reading more closely I’m glad you were indeed pleased because I am as well. Looks so comfy and cool to the touch.

  15. I am blown away by your slip cover project (and all your other ones too!) WOW! It came out great! I just love it and wish you were visiting me with your sewing machine for a few weeks! lol You are a talented lady!

  16. Wow..that is really beautiful! I know the feeling of finally getting it done. I was so proud of my first wing chair clip cover and am just finishing up my second…who would have thought they could really be so easy? And that fabric… makes me want to do a room over again just to get THAT FABRIC! Have always loved that pattern. I have a book that has that showcases that fabri c(hundreds of years old) done in crewel…just beautiful!



  17. Hello,
    Where did you get the Fabric Stapler? How much fabric did you use for this chair? You did great job on this project (every project to be precise).


    • Thank you for the compliment! I ordered my fabric stapler from my wholesale source, but I think this one is similar through Amazon. I ordered ten yards of fabric for the settee.


  18. What else is there to day but gorgeous. I cannot believe how beautiful this is, and you have every right to be proud. You are such an inspiration. Also, thanks for the staple gun tip.

  19. Love your work ~ and love your blog! Stumbled across it from the slipcover Flickr group found on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog. I’m oh so close to trying to slipcover a sette similar to yours. I have modest sewing skills but a lot of determination. I echo one of the questions above. How did you achieve such a tight fit? Thanks!

    • Hi Carolyn! Thanks for the compliments! You can do the settee, just go for it. As for the tight fit, I guess it was sheer determination. I didn’t need any snaps, velcro or buttons. It fits tightly. Just work with the fabric and show it who’s boss. I wish I had a magic answer for you but it went together really well for me. Just lucky I guess? Good luck! Ellen

  20. You did such a great job! I love your fabric choice and those pleats are so nice and crisp. Thanks so much for leaving a comment so that I could see what you did with your love seat. Great inspiration for sure!


  21. Absolutely beautiful! I bought a sewing book on upholstering, but I haven’t had the time (home school four children) or the nerve to embark on such an endeavor yet. Your work is inspiring!

  22. Where did you learn how to do this!? This is absolutely gorgeous! I must try my hand at this. Any input would be appreciated! thanks

  23. I do love that fabric. It looks great on the love seat. This is the fabric that I would like to do my living room curtains in. Any idea of what color I could paint the walls in? What color & brand did you paint your walls in? Did you do cushions in another fabric? Thanks Susan

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