The Big Picture

Are you like me and feel most fabrics should be considered works of art?

Scalamandre via Traditional Home Magazine

Do you get emotional at the mere sight of a suzani?

Photo via Decor Pad

Turn into mush when you spot a Marimekko?

Toile talks to you?

B H & G

Why not frame up some fabric yourself and create your own gallery? Start with this.

Now find some fantastically frameable fabric. Have you seen Premier Prints graphic prints available in tons of wonderful colors? I selected these three from for under $7.00 per yard each!

Cut the fabric about 2″ larger than the canvas on all four sides.

Fold under the raw edges all the way around and miter the corners. I taped the fabric in place while I got out the big gun…the pneumatic stapler. Now s-t-r-e-t-c-h that fabric eliminating any wrinkles.

So easy!


Not in the DIY mood? You can order pre-assembled Marimekko fabric/stretcher kits here.


Blank walls begone!

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87 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. May I just say, Genius!
    I bought a canvas believing I would paint a masterpiece on it. Little did I remember that I don’t have that gene. But this!
    This I can do. Thanks for the fabulous idea!

  2. Ohhh… what gorgeousness!!

    I needed some visual aids for my new living room, you might just have saved a lot of testing around with fabrics and antiques…

    Your blog is officially my new obsession!

  3. What a wonderful idea, especially with the holiday season coming up. You’ve given me some great inspirations to try when the holidays die down. I’m always looking for some sort of decor to fill the month between March-August. I may just try this! Thanks!

    Congrats on being FP!

  4. Oh my, I love it! I’ve seen it done before, but now I’m inspiried.

    My bedroom is looking quite sad and dull and I want some cherry blossoms up there!

    Totally going to check out my fabric stash today.

    Thank you!

  5. Great idea- I would not have ever thought of doing that without your suggestions. Great that Marimekko have the kits available- making the task so much more easier… what a great and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up the walls! :o)

  6. i found you on the freshly pressed landing page, congratulations! And I completely agree with you on all fronts – textiles can just make me swoon. Block prints and batiks make me weak in the knees every time. But a handsome stripe, romantic chintz or simple dotted swiss can catch me off guard too. All inspire different moods and memories!

  7. I have seen these done in a magazine I have and have so much fabric I want to do this with. I love that you can change these easily from season to season, if you want.
    Being a fabric stasher, it’s a good way for me to justify keeping all those bins of fabric I have bought over the years! Lovely site, too! Will be back for lots of inspiration.

  8. I’m moving into a new place, and my mother just dumped a whole bunch of old fabric on me. I now know what to do with the fabric and what to do with the bare walls!
    Thanks so much for the idea!

  9. Yay Ellen!

    You made it to the front page! I logged in to check my blog stats and there you were and I couldn’t resist! Great post and easy “how to”.

    High five!

    Tammi xo xo

  10. I have been wanting something to hang over the bed that won’t kill us if it falls in an earthquake (no glass, nothing heavy). I was thinking about getting a hanging tapestry, but this is a much less expensive idea! Thanks.

  11. I did this with a vintage piece of toile. It had been a salesman’s sampler back in the ’60. I didn’t want to cut it up so I mounted it on a piece of foam board. Then my son needed the room, so I had to take it down. I have since folded it back up, but it looked so cool in the room!

    Now I’m inspired to find some new material!

  12. I absolutely adore your work.

    This is my first day blogging and I’m pleasantly surprised by the level of workmanship I see.

    Over the years I organically became a ‘dating guru’ through word of mouth. I chose to keep my identity secret, but please read my blog —

    It’s an effort to teach “The Game”, one clueless soul at a time.

  13. Just don’t get carried away and give your art as a gift. My poor mom was forced to keep a huge seventies orange and brown fabric graphic on her wall for years because her darling daughter thought it was soooo cool.

  14. Love this idea!!! I was actually dreaming about art work for my bare walls last night and wondering how the blazes I was going to afford some.

  15. THIS IS PERFECT! I’ve been stressing over how to dress up my walls and not to have to pay $400 to do it (I haven’t found anything in my budget that I actually like looking at yet). But I love patterned fabric. My friends joke about how I tend to like clothes that make me look like I belong in an abstract art museum :) So why not use my knack for finding nice fabrics and use it for my decor!!
    Thanks for the great post!

  16. Love, love, love Marimekko! One day I was in South Dakota Walmart and in thier $1.00 material bins was a huge roll of fabric, very nice cotton upholstery fabric was a beautiful Marimekko like print. I redid my entire bedroom and if my old computer had not given up the ghost, I would add a pic. I thought it was grand.

    I also love the wonderful batik above the sofa in the pic from decor pad.

    Congrats on bein fresh pressed!

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  18. wow this could be a great house-warming gift for my sister-in-law! thanks for sharing. hopefully I wont be too lazy to go to the fabric store & buy some cute fabrics in 3 different motives. ah yes… also to get some canvasses :D

  19. (Sigh) Different strokes for different folks. I’m afraid a house full of such “standout” prints would be overwhelming for me.

    My mother, on the other hand, would have liked your work. She was an excellent seamstress, sewing ALL of her clothes. (Her big disappointment was having four boys and no girls to sew for.) She also did upholstery, curtains, and most anything else that involved cloth. And she just loved LOUD material–especially if it had RED in it. Her walls, however were covered with her paintings.

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