Baby Talk

I’ve been a little preoccupied lately with, as I told a friend, the third most important thing to happen in my life.

I won’t be dyeing my hair blue anytime soon.

And I won’t be wearing funky perfume.

No socks rolled down to the ankles or house dresses.

But, I will be cranking up the sewing machine and whipping up frilly little dresses OR cute boy stuff (gosh, are there cute things to sew for boys?). A new rocking chair may be involved. Oh, and there will be cookies. Lots of cookies.

I have until June to get busy. And to figure out a way to travel daily from Michigan to Washington D.C. We’re thinking with the bad economy maybe someone might be having a sale on private jets.

Only 192 days to go!

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13 thoughts on “Baby Talk

  1. Congratulations! Maybe you could convince your child to move closer to you…cause even if you can find a good jet on sale, I’ve heard the gas price per gallon is a killer! Keep us posted on the progress…

  2. This is sooooo awesome!!! Congratulations Ellen, you are going to be such an adoring Grammy, Gramma, Nanna, Meema..,.. what will you call yourself?

    Love your humor and love the news!!

  3. Oh so exciting – we’re expecting our first grand-baby in June too – still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl! I’ll have to watch to see what you sew!

  4. Congrats Ellen – how exciting!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving the links to your made in the USA posts. I love your picks! Especially Anchor Hocking, Fiestaware and Nordic Ware. I love all of those products. I started buying Nordic ware cookie sheets @ Meijer a few years ago because they were made in the USA. None of the other ones are! I hope you check out the Uncle Goose blocks – they would make a great gift! I’ve them as baby gifts before and you can not beat the quality.

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