Playing with matches.

Latest project. Easy, peasy to piece.


Why is it I spend so much time and effort choosing fabrics for a project only to decide maybe I don’t like them together after all? Usually after I’ve pieced the dag-gone thing!


I think it’s the red that’s throwing me. I love the coral, turquoise and lime together but maybe I should have just stopped there.



Orange isn’t my thing either.  I used to think going with a jelly roll with a preselected group of coordinates would save me from color wishy-washiness. In this case, I wish I had not gone with the jelly roll.


Do you ever do this? Get something all pieced and then …… blah. Do you have a pile of blah just like I do?


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2 thoughts on “Playing with matches.

  1. I have this happen frequently. One particular quilt comes to mind that I had a brighter blue that I shouldn’t have put in it and I tried taking it out, but had to use it for a couple blocks and then it really stood out. Ugh! I do like your quilt though. Sometimes if I put the quilt away for a while and come back to it, it doesn’t look near as bad!! Your quilt is beautiful and from the pics I would have noticed that the red stood out more. Really.

  2. I was in the fabric store today after our quilt guild meeting, and one of the ladies from the guild was bemoaning a kit she had pieced and hates the fabric when it is done up. I suggested she donate the finished quilt and move on the the next lovely piece of fabric. That said, I like your fabrics, all of them. It is pretty and not “stuck” in pastel; but has those little pops of bright colors.

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