Playing catch(up).

Have you noticed the decline in blog posts, not only here, but all around the blogosphere? There is so much to see in my own little world that I was regretting the time spent every morning poring over pictures that I had already seen posted elsewhere of someone else’s DIY or a rehashed (heh) recipe. And the self-promotion has me bored.


Proceeds of my 2013 garden, or as I like to call it, Squash Central.

So I spent my summer catching up on things I’ve let slide. Like my vegetable garden. We had so much squash this year it practically overtook the other veggies.

Then this happened ~



I decided to return to an old hobby that is a bit more organic than reading about give-a ways and re-purposed drop cloth draperies/sofas/car seat covers. {Don’t look too closely. I’m only a few days into my online calligraphy and lettering classes.} I also became reacquainted with another old friend. Books. In-my-hand, books. It’s been way too long.


I love a good biography, and this one becomes more curious as I continue to read.

I also finished this next one in an afternoon. If you were alive in the 70s, you couldn’t help but hear Linda Ronstadt on the radio and feel her voice cutting through all the rock and roll mayhem. I can’t even remember how many of her concerts I attended. I recommend the book but don’t expect any typical kiss-and-tell stories of life on the road with Jackson Browne, or Jerry Brown for that matter. I’m still reeling over hearing of her battle against Parkinson’s and saddened that she can no longer sing. I guess in the back of my mind I always hoped she would tour again.


So that’s pretty much what’s up with me lately. Of course I’m gearing up for the MLB playoffs. Our Detroit Tigers three-peated to win the Central Division and will once again be World Series bound if all goes well. Only eleven more wins to bring us the first Championship since 1984. Here’s hoping.

And good news! I won’t need to do any further decorating for Halloween this year!


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6 thoughts on “Playing catch(up).

  1. I love Linda Ronstadt ! Nice refreshing post Ellen! I enjoyed reading, and I am doing more ‘hands on’ myself… more of a REAL world existence than being online! ENJOY!

  2. Love the card — we’re redoing our kitchen, and the dirt and mess all over the house is unbelievable. I. too get a little tired of all the self-promotion. At the hint of an ad or another give-away, I stop reading and move on. The “Empty Mansions” book looks like something I would like — thanks for the inspiration. Sally

  3. I too have noticed something is missing with my love of blogs.. Give aways are like jumping through hoops and it just seems like nothing new…paring down…..

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