Hiding in plain sight.

Winter got you down, Bunky? Need a fun project that serves two purposes: A) Keeps your gigantic stack-o-magazines under control, and B) Whittles down your scrap wood pile?

Start with Ana White’s clear and concise magazine file instructions here. She does all the math for you and everything!! Then, find a willing accomplice who doesn’t mind setting up shop outside {so the newly cleaned inside stays that way}.

Ask nicely and chances are you’ll end up with something that looks like this. All from wood scraps!

With a little glue, spackle and primer, they started taking shape. WAIT!!! Is that BEADBOARD on the front?!? Perfect!!! But what about those two with flat surfaces? What to do….what to do…???

Oh, I know. I’ll take a page from Martha’s book. I just happened to have the materials on hand.For the chalkboard paint, I mixed the grout with a sample pot I had on hand to come up with a soft grey color. The formula is 1 cup paint to 2 TBSP unsanded grout. Simple! And it really works! Instant chalkboard paint in the color of your choice!

For the amazing shade of aqua/blue-green, I tried the brand-new CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk & Clay paint so graciously provided to me to sample.

My friends at the ever-funky Bungalow 47 recently replaced Annie Sloan paint with this new line and, I have to say, it’s fantastic to work with! Check out this piece they did for the store!

Aren’t the colors great?! I have my eye on several projects and can’t wait to try some more colors.

Back to the magazine holders. The palm sander worked some magicĀ  and no, it didn’t change the paint color…. bad lighting.

I’m so happy with how they turned out. My magazines are still handy, just not overtaking the coffee table.

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